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Dealing with customer complaints

1. The Purpose of the procedure 

The purpose of this procedure is not only to systematize the way in which the complaints of the customers of the company are dealt with, so that with the proper handling and the Clients to be satisfied with the company's response, but also the company to use the "voice" of its customers to plan and implement improvements to its systems and processes. 

2. Application limits of the procedure and implementing practices 

This Procedure applies throughout the duration of the cooperation of the company with its customers and for all complaints brought to the knowledge of the company in any way (verbal, written, etc.). 

The General Director (GD) and the Quality Manager (ML) are responsible for enforcing, implementing or modifying this procedure. 

3.  Description of the procedure 

3.1. A complaint is defined as: any form of observation, labeling or suggestion that comes from the customer's part and concerns the quality, cost or agreed delivery of the products and / or services of the company to them.  

Any kind of complaint can come from 

  • Or by direct announcement by the customer (s) 
  • Or after a meeting of a business representative with the customer 
  • Or in any other way 

3.2. The company monitors, examines and attempts to satisfy effectively, if there are any customer complaints. 

For this purpose, as soon as such a complaint occurs, the following procedure is followed:

  • A discussion with the client requires clarification of the matter and investigates the "merits" of the complaint.
  • If the complaint is well founded, the causes that created it are investigated           
  • Identifying corrective actions to eliminate (complaints) effectively in the future,  
  • Identifying the necessary preventive actions to avoid recurrence             
  • Informing all those who are involved in full compliance with the identified preventive and corrective actions            
  • Informing the customer of all handling of his complaint and how to prevent and avoid recurrence.            
  • Considering whether the same complaint affects other customer (s) for similar actions.

The CUSTOMER COMPLAINT OBSERVATION FORM is compiled and used for this purpose and after it has been filled in by the complainant, it is kept by the SIC.

4. Forms Used  

Click here to download the customer's complaints observation form.


Click here to download the complaints management policy and procedure.

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