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Attractions - Activities

Discover the best activities in Santorini:

Archaeological Excavations in Akrotiri

Visit Akrotiri, one of the most important archaeological sites. Walk around the streets and squares of a prehistoric city of 30.000(!) inhabitants. Admire the high finesse of the 17th century BC.

Ancient Thira, Kamari

Get ready for a lot of wind and an amazing view. On the top of the hill you will see the norrow island’s terraced streets, mansions, baths, religious edifices and parts of the water supply and ewage system.

Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Fira

The excavation findings from prehistoric Akrotiri, exhibited in a highly interesting way. Main exhibits : original mosaics, marble figurines, painted vessels, pieces of furniture, copper tools and jewellery.

Santozeum, Fira

3D replicas of all the mosaics that have come to light in Akrotiri.

Archeological Museum, Fira

Vessels, sculptures, inscriptions from Ancient Thera, ceramics from Akrotiri.

Profotis Ilias Monastery

The highest spot of the island (567 meters) is located between Pyrgos and Kamari. The Mountain's name is Profitis Ilias (Prophet Elijah), coming from the Monastery with the same name on its peak. From this vantage point, you will enjoy a striking view of the entire island, from the patchwork agricultural plains to the hilltop village of Oia.
The monastery today has an important collection of icons and bibles, and artefacts of the Greek Orthodox religion, ecclesiastical objects, books and ethnographic material. It also hosts displays on shoemaking, printing, candle making, wine making and of typical local food. 

Church of Panagia Episkopi – Mesa Gonia

The church of Panagia Episkopi is located in the village "Episkopi Gonia" also known as Mesa Gonia. It was built in the late 11th century by Emperor Alexios Komnenos the 1st. The church is one of the most important Byzantine monuments. It hosts the image of Our Lady “Glykogalousa”, one of the three most valuable icons in the world.

Santorini Arts Factory – Industrial Tomato Museum, Vlyhada

Dating back to 1945, the Tomato Factory D. Nomikos in Vlyhada has been restored in to the Industrial Tomato Museum. The visitor has the opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional tomato processing methods and the rich history of the factory. The factory ware-houses and yard have been converted into art exhibition areas, hosting works of painting, sculpture and video art, as well as a venue for concerts, performances, theatre & dance courses.

Art Space, Mesa Gonia

Art space is a winery hosting interesting art collections created by Greek and foreign artists.

La Ponta, Akrotiri

La Ponta is located in a 13th century Venetian tower, within the castle of Akrotiri. It boasts an exquisite panoramic view of the island and is 1 km above the pre-historic archaeological site of Akrotiri, Santorini. The tower hosts a tsabouna – Greek folk wind instrument of the bagpipe family – exhibition along with traditional Greek percussion and flutes.
In the workshop they construct the tsabouna, various traditional and ancient Greek flutes and the Cycladic drum doubaki. Handcrafted musical instruments, unique books, prints and rare artifacts may be acquired in the shop. Daily guided tours explore the history of the tower, the origin of the tsabouna and offer a live interactive presentation of the instruments constructed in the workshop.
As part of the effort to promote the cultural identity of Greece, La Ponta presents the evening concert series “Sounds from the Castle”.
You can book your tickets online at http://www.laponta.gr/

A journey to the island of wine

Since vineyards and wine play the first role for many years in Santorini, it is worth spending some of your time in order to visit some, if not all, of the wineries that run in the island today; or maybe the vineyards that are spread along the slopes and the lowlands of Santorini. Make a tour of the wineries, discover the history of the wine on the island and taste the exceptional wines produced. Before you begin your tour of the wineries in Santorini, it would be a good idea to know some things about ventema and canava, two concepts that are directly related to the vinification tradition of the island.

Sea Experiences

Cruising in the caldera waters is one of the most outstanding experiences that thousands of visitors live every year in Santorini. Traditional yachts and luxurious catamarans set off every day from the ports of Athinios, Vlychada, Mesa Gialos & Ammoudi, sailing on short or long trips around the island and the geological miracle named caldera.
Either following an organized excursion or by renting your own yacht or catamaran, you can visit the “volcano” – the two small islands in the center of caldera, Palea and Nea Kameni – as well as Thirasia and Oia.
Tip : don’t miss the chance to watch the sunset onboard!

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